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Lesbian comedy duo Champagne Jamboree presents a new, sparkling-gay podcast filled with inappropriate stories, laughter and music comedy. Each episode features a noteworthy LGBTQ personality who has been conned into telling a fun (and often embarrassing) story that is then turned into a song and performed on guitar, LIVE. Feel like your queue is overflowing with straight podcasts? This is anything but---including Rainbow Quiz segments and a juicy gay-gossip segment called Spill the Rosé. Champagne Jamboree consists of Minneapolis comedians Sarah McPeck and Amanda Costner. Also on air each week is #BlanketFortRadio producer Trevor Charon with his weenie dog Murray chillin in his lap. Spill the Rosé is hosted by comedian and good friend of the show, Jacob Randall."

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Are you an LGBTQ person with a story to tell? Would you like to call into the show to participate in one of our LGBTQ quizzes? Do you have comments or questions you'd like us to address on the air? Let us know!

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